Employment (unfair or wrong dismissal, settlement agreements)

We can agree to charge fixed fees but can also agree to work on an hourly rate basis; we are able to provide average costs that you can incur during your matter. Below is an estimate of costs as a guide only, but we can give an accurate cost assessment once we have full details of your matter: -

In unfair and wrongful dismissal, settlement agreements from employment cases, we set out average fees:

Our average fee: £100-£5000.  We charge a fixed fee of £350.00-£550.00 to advise on a redundancy settlement agreement. If the matter is not solved in early conciliation and is more complicated or we are required to start tribunal proceedings then our fee can be on average £1000 - £5000. VAT is chargeable on all our fees and disbursements at 20%.


We provide the following services:


  •    Initial instructions

  •    Review of documents

  •    Advice on the merits and likely compensation.

  •    Advice on entering conciliation


Tribunal proceeding: If the matter does not resolve at the conciliation stage and we file or defend a claim, this will increase the costs and the following services will be provided:


  •    Preparing claim or response

  •    Reviewing and advising on claim

  •    Response from another party

  •    Negotiating for settlement

  •    Preparing or considering a schedule of loss

  •    Preparing for a Preliminary Hearing

  •    Exchanging documents with the other party and agreeing on a bundle of documents

  •    Taking and drafting witness statements

  •    Preparing bundle

  •    Reviewing and advising on the other party's witness statements

  •    Preparation for Final one day Hearing,

  •    Instructions to Counsel

  •    Drafting settlement agreements


The above said cost estimate is only a guideline and may not apply to all claims. Our average fee is set out below:


For claims of up to £100000.00, our costs are between £1000-£50000.

VAT is chargeable on all our fees and disbursements at 20%.

Complex claims and the issue   of proceedings can increase our fees which would factor in:


  •    The complexity of the claim

  •    Other employment claims

  •    Number of documents requiring review and advice

  •    Allegations of discrimination

  •    Acting against a litigant in person (someone who is not legally represented in their claim)

  •    Number of witness statements


Time periods: Mostly these matters resolved in the pre-conciliation stage, then we should be able to resolve the matter in 6-8 weeks and if your claim proceeds to final hearing then it could be resolved in 4-6 months. This is an estimated time period that will depend on the cooperation of all parties. We will be in a position to provide clearer time periods once we have further details of your matter.

For an hourly rate basis, our charges are set below:

Our fees are calculated by reference to the law society guideline hourly rates, all rates are subject to VAT where a company is VAT registered.


  •    Solicitors/legal executives with over 4 years’ experience £229.00

  •    Other qualified solicitors / legal executives  £165.00

  •    Trainee/paralegal  Grade D £121.00




Our clients are responsible for expenses to be incurred on their matters.  These expenses are separate from our own costs and are payable in addition. Depending upon the nature of your matter we will explain to you what those expenses are.


Funding options: You may have legal expenses cover attached to a home or car insurance policy, a business protection policy, credit card insurance or you may be a member of a Union. These institutions may be willing to fund your matter through your legal expenses insurance cover if you obtain authority from them. It is your duty to check any policy that you have and to make a claim.