Motoring Offences:

If you are to be disqualified due to any driving offense please contact us.

We can agree to charge fixed fees but can also agree to work on an hourly rate basis; we are able to provide average costs that you can incur during your matter. Below is an estimate of costs as a guide only, but we can give an accurate cost assessment once we have full details of your matter: -


Our Average fees:

From initial instruction to court proceeding: £300-£1500

VAT is chargeable on all our fees @20%. Disbursement including VAT i.e. counsel’s fee, expert witness advice

Time periods: It varies for different matters, we will provide clearer time periods once we have received all your instruction.


Our hourly rates are set below:

Our fees are calculated by reference to the law society guideline hourly rates, all rates are subject to VAT where a company is VAT registered.


Solicitors/legal executives with over 4 years’ experience £229.00

Other qualified solicitors / legal executives  £165.00

Trainee/paralegal  Grade D £121.00




Our clients are responsible for expenses to be incurred on their matter.  These expenses are separate from our own costs and are payable in addition. Depending upon the nature of your matter we will explain to you what those expenses are.